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Date of Visit: 2016-11-01; Name: Nico; Escort name: Alsu

I met Alsu in a nice restaurant and we had dinner there. Wine, music and her beauty made the meal more tasty, if possible. Then we walk for a bit around the city and she took me to her apartment. Discrete, clean and warm, the place was wonderful. She invited me to take a drink, sit and relax for a while. Then she started moving her body, dancing around me. She performed the best striptease I ever saw in my life. And well... she really turned me on, so we started kissing, and touching around all our bodies. We quickly wanted more, and then she made love to me in several positions, while she often suck my dick and made me being horny and horny again. Very complete service and an amazing experience. Next time I'll be in Rome I'll call her again for sure.

Date of Visit: 2016-08-31; Name: Alan; Escort name: Ira

I booked 1 hour and decided to book 1 additional hour with Ira. She is that kind of girl who makes you feel good. Funny, clever and loving. She was the best girlfriend I could ever had. And I could share with her a fantasy that I always dreamed to make real. And she made it for me! Amazing girl. Great sex, and better experience. I would marry this fucking girl.

Date of Visit: 2015-08-07; Name: Aramazd Gagarin, Russia; Escort name: Jessica

A great partner for dinner date. She arrived on time, dressed up nicely for occasion and strike conversation quite well. She is quite educated too. She has done post graduation in Physics. The night with her was quite sweet. She likes tender and sweet kisses on her body and prefers anal sex in missionary position. She doesn’t like oral job at all. I tried to push my organ inside her mouth, but she bluntly refused it. Except that, night was really great with her. Aramazd Gagarin, Russia

Date of Visit: 2015-07-09; Name: Kenta Matsuoka, Japan; Escort name: Anita

Anita is perfect for playing your fantasy girl. In my case, she played a hot nurse whom I tied to the bed, ripped her clothes apart and kissed her nude body passionately. She is perfect girl to satisfy your wild sexual fantasies. You must book her if you want to satisfy your hidden burning desires.

Date of Visit: 2014-07-30; Name: Stephen; Escort name: Jane

What an excellent experience - this girl has high energy and a desire to please and relax you. There are few who are as close as Kate when it comes to passion and eagerness to set your heart aflame. I would say that the experience made up for any insincerity on the part of VipMoscow!

Date of Visit: 0000-00-00; Name: jhon; Escort name: Iveta

hai taisa i love you your so beautifull like your smile and your hot body shape you spend one night for me

Date of Visit: 0000-00-00; Name: Artyom Podoski, Russia; Escort name: Glen

I booked her as girlfriend for one night. We went to pub to loosen up and then had really amazing sex in her apartment. She likes kissing on neck and breasts. We were so drunk that we didn’t try new positions, had sex in anal position. She moans sweetly when you fuck her. It was really nice time with her. I would recommend it to others too. Artyom Podoski, Russia

Date of Visit: 0000-00-00; Name: Ann Su-Ann, China; Escort name: Gwen

it was a really lovely time with Marika. I booked her for company as a solo traveler. We went to all famous places in Moscow, dine in a restaurant and had rocking time in bed. We went for whole body, kissing and anal sex in missionary position. She really likes when some fondle or suck her tits. You must book her in case you are travelling solo and looking for a company of beautiful girls. Ann Su-Ann, China

Date of Visit: 0000-00-00; Name: Peter Slovoski, Russia; Escort name: Rada

One of the nicest butt of a girl, I have ever seen. She is really a good kisser. We went for whole body, kissing cum anal sex with women on top position. The way she moves on your cock is really amazing. Peter Slovoski, Russia